There Appear To Be Some Loopholes In Tragic Story: 2 Children Dead in Hot Car

In Parker County, which is west of Forth Worth, Texas a 24 month-old child Juliet Ramirez and her 16 month-old sibling Cavanaugh Ramirez were found dead in their parents’ vehicle due to extreme heat.

The mother claims that she left the young children in a back room of the house to play in.

A couple hours later she went to check on her children and realized they were gone from the home. Then she says that she walked the property and eventually ended up at her vehicle. She says that the doors were locked, and that she needed to smash open the window, because her children were holding her cell phone and car keys.

I watched a video from the news in Texas and they show a pick-up truck as the vehicle. Click on the link below to watch the video:

Of course, I am presently suspicious because it seems like it would be really hard for a 2 year-old to help or lift-up their 16 month-old sibling, but maybe I’m uneducated about how strong and able-bodied children are at those ages.

This story sounds eerily similar to Susan Smith’s in that the mother claims to have been the last to see her children before they died in horrific circumstances. There is a difference, since Smith claimed a black man hijacked her car and drown her children and this woman claims her young children did this all on their own, but it seems like these might both be sad situations where mothers become overwhelmed to the point that they are no longer capable of caring for their children and murder them rather than ask for help.

But, how often are women in society visible and respected and valued if they have given their children up for adoption or have been in any way perceived as not being capable of taking proper care of their children? It is definitely a scarlet letter to be viewed as a bad mom in society.

I’ve criticized parents, too. I don’t have children and I feel fairly pessimistic about the world. This is somewhat because I don’t want the responsibility, plus my own parents were way too young and ignorant to be parents but they made due. So I sometimes wonder, why the fuck do you (PARENTS AS A SINGULAR ENTITY) think you know enough to raise a contributing member of society? I’m just trying to make it through life, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be a good enough person to think I can positively contribute to this planet by adding another person to the mix. It’s hopeful to have children, but I have also judged parents as being arrogant to think they know enough. I guess what I’m assuming is that people feel they do know enough, when in reality many parents are just kind of going with the flow and aren’t claiming they are shining examples of humanity.

Anyways, I think women who are struggling to be mothers are punished 5 million times worse then men who are not present in their children’s lives. I’ve seen it so many times over.

Yes, there is Joni Mitchell who is respected and admitted to giving a daughter up for adoption pre-fame, but if this piece of info was known during Mitchell’s rise to fame, instead of when she was already established, it might have been very detrimental to her success.

I am not sure what has really happened in Texas, other than that 2 young, innocent children suffered more than I want to or am going to try to comprehend. I’ll stay in my bubble, but answers need to be found. This kind of tragedy needs to lead to education about how to best support children and mothers alike.

This Gives Me Some Hope: There’s Finally a First Gentleman (of Luxembourg) and an Openly Gay Prime Minister

(In the back row far left is Gauthier Destenay…first GENTLEMAN of Luxembourg…times are a changin’)

Ok, so even though I constantly see things on a daily basis that make me really depressed, this story that I saw on makes me think that positive change and a more inclusive society is possible.

CLICK HERE for the original article about the first spouse who is male and part of an openly gay relationship.

I love the picture showing Gauthier Destenay (Our DES-TE-NAY is to improve and be more loving…again, I hope) posing with all the other significant others (who based on a physically assumption I would categorize as female) of some countries’ leaders (Melanie, I see you there too) for the North Atlantic Treaty Conference in Brussels, Belgium. This is bad, but I only learned what the initials for NATO stand for as writing this article…but I have heard of NATO. I think the aim of NATO is for as many countries as possible, and in particular the richest and/or most powerful ones) to work together to be as peaceful, or non-violent and warlike, to one another as can be agreed upon.

I digress, so in Luxembourg the Prime Minister is Xavier Bettel (44). Cool.


(The first couple of Luxembourg: Xavier Bettel and Gauthier Destenay)

Also, I’ll point out that the article I first read about this indicated that in Luxembourg Bettel’s sexuality was not deemed important nor was his sexuality the focus of his campaign. I am talking about Destenay and Bettel because this is something that has yet to happen in the U.S. and Canada, and I don’t think that’s by accident.

On a side note, I really am dying to know what Melanie Trump thinks. I am not defending her belief system. I bet I wouldn’t agree with what Melanie Trump would state her beliefs are, but since she came from such a poor country and is an immigrant, I just can’t help but wonder if she does loathe Donald Trump deep-down and if  we’ll ever get to enjoy that hate in public. It would be enjoyable because Donald is clearly such an asshole.

It’s That Bad In U.S., Eh?: “Guatemalan Man Calls 911 and Asks to be Deported”

Cesar Sanchez is making the best of an apparently really shitty situation. As they say, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! I hope if Cesar needs some lemonade (aka healthcare assistance) that he gets it in his home country of Guatemala rather than being held with no medical care in an American prison as that is what is supposedly currently happening).

Check out this link ( story) about a Guatamelan man who called 911 to turn himself in as an undocumented immigrant, because he is apparently sick. Makes sense then that he’d want to go home to get some medical care, rather than NO medical care.

This story is funny in a disturbing way. Like, the U.S. sucks so bad that people who once thought it was the lands of dreams are calling the enemy–the cops–to help transport them back to their different vs less developed debate country of Guatemala.

Update: I typed in Cesar Sanchez on google and found this Breitbart news article. I didn’t see things in the same way, but this article contains some more hopefully accurate information.