This Gives Me Some Hope: There’s Finally a First Gentleman (of Luxembourg) and an Openly Gay Prime Minister

(In the back row far left is Gauthier Destenay…first GENTLEMAN of Luxembourg…times are a changin’)

Ok, so even though I constantly see things on a daily basis that make me really depressed, this story that I saw on makes me think that positive change and a more inclusive society is possible.

CLICK HERE for the original article about the first spouse who is male and part of an openly gay relationship.

I love the picture showing Gauthier Destenay (Our DES-TE-NAY is to improve and be more loving…again, I hope) posing with all the other significant others (who based on a physically assumption I would categorize as female) of some countries’ leaders (Melanie, I see you there too) for the North Atlantic Treaty Conference in Brussels, Belgium. This is bad, but I only learned what the initials for NATO stand for as writing this article…but I have heard of NATO. I think the aim of NATO is for as many countries as possible, and in particular the richest and/or most powerful ones) to work together to be as peaceful, or non-violent and warlike, to one another as can be agreed upon.

I digress, so in Luxembourg the Prime Minister is Xavier Bettel (44). Cool.


(The first couple of Luxembourg: Xavier Bettel and Gauthier Destenay)

Also, I’ll point out that the article I first read about this indicated that in Luxembourg Bettel’s sexuality was not deemed important nor was his sexuality the focus of his campaign. I am talking about Destenay and Bettel because this is something that has yet to happen in the U.S. and Canada, and I don’t think that’s by accident.

On a side note, I really am dying to know what Melanie Trump thinks. I am not defending her belief system. I bet I wouldn’t agree with what Melanie Trump would state her beliefs are, but since she came from such a poor country and is an immigrant, I just can’t help but wonder if she does loathe Donald Trump deep-down and if  we’ll ever get to enjoy that hate in public. It would be enjoyable because Donald is clearly such an asshole.

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