I’m Nicole Littletaylor.  Before we go any further:

  1. Yes, that’s my real last name.
  2. All one word.
  3. My dad.  I got it from my dad(no he was not a chief of _____ tribe.

This is what I look like (when I’m getting pretty for something and with a fan over my head).



I love Jesus, people, tattoos, my boyfriend and Tito’s Vodka.  I eat too much Mexican food, and I’m slightly obsessed with Texas Country/Red Dirt music.  I spend all my free time going to shows or reading about the “scene”.

I’m also a big, fat fan of humanity.  I looove people.  Like all of ‘em.  The elderly, the orphan, the homeless, your mom, etc.

I’m real.  I say and do what I want to do.  I don’t use a filter because society prefers I do.  I’m a believer that also tends to use the word fuck a lot.  I feed the homeless and play games at the nursing home with the elderly.  Pay for the lady in front of me at the store when her card doesn’t work.  I also like to spend time at concerts and get throwed with my boo.  <– Also, I use the word throwed and others like it.

This blog will mostly be music.  That’s my passion.  But I’m sure I’ll rant about things that make me mad, or push the latest-greatest new charity organization on you.  So it won’t be “all” music.  It’ll be me.

Oh annnd, I don’t do social media.  Except Instagram.  Does Instagram count?  Facebook has so much drama and Twitter became an addiction.  If you want some more Nicole that you can’t get on this blog, you can find me here.

I hope you stay, enjoy and share.








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