Thanks but no thanks, Pinterest

Just because you made it from an old t-shirt, doesn’t mean it’s cute.  Thank you anyway, Pinterest.

There.  I said it.

First of all, who has size 2x shirts laying around?  I mean, “cute” size 2x shirts.  The only 2x shirts I have laying around the house, are shirts my boyfriend has been wearing for years too long and should have thrown out years ago.  Who wants an “off the shoulder, deep v cut, fringy bottom, cute” shirt with 3 different colored stains and says McCoy’s lumber yard on it?

Second, do people wear these?  Lets say that someone was able to find a spare 2x shirt that wasn’t riddled with holes and BBQ stains.  They then, puke their Pinterest magic on it.  Do they wear it?  If so, what size are these ladies?  Who can pull this, “I turned a 7 year old shirt into something from the mall” look, off?

If these women exist, they sound truly amazing.  If you’re one of them or know one of them, raise your hand!  


What Are Your Thoughts?

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